[Column] Women become unhappy when they have problems of sex and love.

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Date 2021-07-09

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Women feel happy when the energy of feelings operates in a positive way.


When the energy of feelings decreases, women may develop compulsion to increase the energy of feelings. When the energy of feelings 

operates negatively, women may develop suppression to transform the energy into a positive one. Then, women may develop psychological 

wounds and feel unhappy. 

The energy of feelings allows feelings toward specific objects (business, work, study, hobbies, men, sex, people) to continue, and feelings of 

love to be generated when women get immersed into the object. Women feel happy when they form feelings of love inside them. 

To put it in a reverse way, when women develop feelings of love and happiness, the can get immersed into the object and the energy of 

feelings changes to a positive one. That is, the negative energy of feelings is transformed so that it can operate in a positive way.  

This mechanism is applied to Xes Training, treatment of wounds and psychology to restore happiness and success in women.


Women can maintain happy mind through Xes Training by generating xes energy that operates as powerful energy of feelings and 

building the ability to control for its positive operation. 


When women have problems in love and sex, they feel unhappy and the energy of feelings operates as psychological wounds. 


When women have problems of love, psychological wounds are recognized so that the energy of feelings is transformed to operate 

in a positive way. Women's energy of feelings has the characteristic of lasting, so when women feel unhappy, the feeling continues for a long time. 


Having sex increases women's energy of feelings. When the energy of feelings operates in a negative way, the energy of moods that is 

generated through having sex is sensed as negative moods, which in turn generates negative feelings. Then, women may reject having 

sex or overly activate sexual actions to employ sexual actions to generate the energy of moods falling for sexual pleasure. When women 

overly activate sexual actions and enjoy having sex for pleasure, the energy of feelings is expanded but operates in a negative way and 

women women become dependent on the energy of moods through having sex covering up the energy of feelings. This condition is 

referred to as wound dissociation and continuing to seeking pleasure of sex in the condition of wound dissociation leads to the collapse 

of the body and the mind.


Women become unhappy when the energy of feelings decreases or operates in a negative way.



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