[Column] Men become unhappy when they have problems of sex and passion

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Date 2021-07-09

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Men generate passion with the energy of moods, reinforce the desire for achievement when getting immersed into objects (business, work, 

women, sports, study), and consider achieving the goal as success, which is perceived as happiness.


Men feel they are happy when they have fun and pleasure in the process of making efforts to achieve goals rather than when they have 

achieved goals. That is, men feel happiness when they have passion and develop the desire for achievement. Whether they actually achieve the goal 

or not is unimportant. 


Men activate the energy of moods to get immersed into objects of passion being convinced that they will succeed one day and being excited 

with the desire for achievement.  The energy of moods continue to operate in men as the energy of feelings continue to operate in women.  


However, meh's energy of moods dies out when it is consumed for immersion, which makes men make continuous efforts to keep generating 

the energy of moods. 


There are two ways to continuously generate the energy of moods. One is to continue feeling positive moods through sensory stimulation. 

The other is to indirectly feel women's energy of feelings. When men activate sensory organs to accept women's energy of feelings, 

they can feel the energy of moods continuously. 

For the first way, men need to make continuous efforts to keep feeling the energy of moods themselves.

For the second way, men do not have to make efforts since they can automatically feel the energy of moods through women's energy of feelings.  


When men's energy of moods operates in a negative way, stress is generated. When stress cannot be transformed into positive moods, 

the energy of moods completely dies out generating intense stress simultaneously. Then, passion disappears and men cannot get immersed 

into objects of interest losing the desire for achievement and making success impossible. 


To put it in a reverse way, when men do not have conviction for success, the lose the desire for achievement and cannot get immersed 

into the object of interest. They don't need to generate passion and the energy of moods anymore and all their energy operates 

in a negative way and intense stress continues.


Men become extremely unhappy when they lose the desire for achievement or have problems of sex, through which they can sense 

the intense energy of moods through women's energy of feelings. These men are susceptible to serious psychological conditions and 

may be in danger of suicide. 


They can recover the energy of moods and passion quite easily when they develop the desire for achievement or reactivate sexual actions. 



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