[Column] How women can succeed in business and work.

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Date 2021-07-09

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1. You should never trust anyone. You are highly likely to fail due to someone you trust


  You should not be too close to people or trust them.

  You can have fun and work together, but never trust anyone.


2. Watch out for people who are kind and nice.


   There are people who always praise you and say only good things about you, people who say everything will be OK, people who focus 

   only on their work. You can share opinions with them but you should not adopt their opinions since it will cause problems in the future.


3. You should find and stay close to people who truly care about you. 


   These people are not those who are in romantic relationship or friend relationship with you. People who truly care about you among 

   those you meet at work are likely to give you some stress by saying what they really think about your work. Make sure that you 

   listen to them carefully or take a memo and read or think about their advice when you feel better. You will be able to see the way to success little by little.


4. Do not say you want to quit the job even if you feel stressed. 


   When you keep saying that you want to quit the job, others will not actively cooperate with you. They may really believe that you will 

   quit the job.  They may also lose interest in their work and think about quitting the job themselves.   


5. You need to clearly differentiate the pursuit of meanings and the pursuit of values of life. 


   The pursuit of values is to pursue success in business and work and the pursuit of meanings is to pursue happiness in relationships. 

   You should only pursue values and never pursue meanings when you do business or work. You must build habits of pursuing values 

   of life in the right way before you start business or work.


The most important is human relationships. The core component of human relationships for women is the operation and consumption 

of the energy of feelings. Building the ability to generate and control the energy of feelings through Xex Training is the basis for success.


Through Xes Training, you can build the ability to maintain healthy relationships not only with your spouse, children, family, and friends, 

but also with people in business and work relationships. You can positively affect people around you at home and at work and disseminate 

your feelings of happiness to many other people. 

Xes Training will guide you to build the ability to generate and control the energy of feelings by adequately activating xes energy and 

achieve success and happiness in life. 




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