[Column] The relationship between mind energy and sex

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Date 2021-07-09

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We know that, throughout history, sexuality has been a very important issue for humans. Why would it be so important in human life? 


The tendency to perceive sex only as a means of the propagation of the species. This perception is from the interpretation of sex 

with reference to only the biological concept as for animals in general and has contributed to the idea that sexuality is not 

associated so much with human happiness. 


However, human beings have the capability to recognize the sensation of the stimulation in the sensory organs in connection 

with the operation of the unconscious and to think. This operation of energy of moods is sensed at the most powerful level 

through the pleasure of sexual actions. Since men's mind operates only in connection with energy of moods instead of energy 

of feelings, men are more easily absorbed into the pleasure of sex.   

Women's mind operates in connection with feelings more than with moods. Women generate feelings of love and happiness 

when energy of moods are activated based on energy of feelings. When a woman's energy of feelings are activated in 

a positive way, a man can generate energy of moods, which in turn leads the man to form the reference standard for protecting 

the woman. Also, the woman generates powerful energy of moods through sexual actions with the man and recognizes 

the intense sensation of sexual pleasure.


Psychological wounds are generated in women when energy of feelings is activated in a negative way. They may feel stuffiness and 

pain in the conscious, which is the result of the operation of the unconscious that attempts to restore energy of feelings into a positive one.


When women become dependent on energy of moods in an attempt to cover up psychological wounds, they may be led to 

continuously require energy of moods as intense as to outweigh the level of energy of feelings and fall into seeking sexual pleasure. 

Then, it becomes difficult for women to generate energy feelings and they cannot do without pleasure of sex. When men get involved 

with such women, they may also fall into seeking only pleasure of sex as a means to generate his own energy of moods through 

having sex with the woman, instead of experiencing energy of moods with reference to the woman's energy of feelings. In this 

situation, the woman become nothing but the object of sex for the man. 


Thus, sexuality plays an important role for generating and activating the intense level of energy of moods in both men and women, 

and energy of feelings in women simultaneously. Human sexuality is important in the sense that it is always accompanied by 

powerful mind energy for both men and women. 

The concept of right and wrong dose not apply to the concept of human sexuality. It directly affects individuals' mind energy 

and serves to expand mind energy in either negative or positive way. 


Especially, women's energy of feelings can generate not only their own but also men's energy of moods. It is recommended that 

women develop energy of feelings in a positive way by activating sexuality. Mind energy activated by sexuality must be protected, 

maintained , and enriched in a healthy way.



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