[Column] Sex addiction is a serious mental illness.

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Date 2021-07-08

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Sex addiction  is a serious mental illness that  destroys family and the society in case of both men and women. 

People with sex addiction have abnormally strong sexual desire and get involved in many relationships with men or women and some of them do not 

even realize that they have sex addiction.  People with sex addiction may focus only on sex for all their life matters and develop compulsion for having sex.  


Characteristics of sex addiction :


-  Not be able to stop having an affair and become violent even after an affair is  disclosed 

- Continue having sexual relationships with multiple partners excessively

- Continue having affairs

- Continue having affairs and sexual relationships with many people and self-justify their behaviors

- Persistently demand the partner for diverse sexual actions such as threesome, swapping, or group sex 

- Believe that sex is everything there is to happiness in life 


All of the above symptoms are induced from compulsion. When the compulsion is not relieved, they cannot stand the stress and may try to take 

any measure by all means.


Severe cases of sex addiction :


- Enjoy seeing the partner having sex with other people against the partner's will

- Enjoy the partner being raped by other people 

- Commit rape themselves

- View anyone including family members as objects of sex


People who have the above symptoms may commit sex crimes. They may make scrupulous plans for having sex in the way they want by all means. 

They are good at making self-justification with strong desire for sex and putting priority on having sex above everything in life. They have developed 

compulsive-obsessive disorder of sex.  All their human relationships revolves around sex. They make friends with people with sex addiction and 

enemies with normal people.


Couples who get involved in swapping and threesome are considered to already have advanced conditions of sex addiction. They may keep 

self-justifying their behaviors until they completely destroy their life. 


Sex addicts may take extreme measures upon being stopped against fulfilling their desire for sex. They have already lost the concept of normal 

human relationships of family, couples, and friends replacing the concept of relationship with that of friends and enemies with reference to the pleasure of sex. 


Some people in infidelity display initial symptoms of sex addiction. When the condition is neglected without treatment, it may progress 

into sex addiction and lead them to self-destruction.

Sex addiction is a serious mental illness that requires treatment. Without adequate treatment, no practical problems can be solved. 


Treatment process of sex addiction includes :

1. Treatment of rage for the spouse or partner

2. The partner stabilize his or her psychology and accurately learn about sex addiction

3. The partner restores self-respect 

4. The partner restores healthy body and mind

5. The sex addict treats sex addiction and restore healthy psychology 

6. The couple restores healthy sexual relationship

7. The couple restores happiness


Phases 2,5, and 6 directly addresses sex addiction.


The treatment of sex addiction must employ accurate and meticulous implementation to prevent adverse effects. 




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