[Column] Many women have psychological wounds associated with sex and inferiority complex

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Date 2021-07-08

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Many women have psychological wounds associated with sex and inferiority complex.


Most women live suppressing their thoughts and feelings about sexuality.

This condition devastates women's body and mind and suffer from psychological pain. Some women do not even realize that they have 

distorted perception on sexuality. 


Also, many women have inferiority complex on their body and psychology and experience difficulties in life without being able to achieve happiness.


In many cases, women tend to be ashamed of desiring sexual pleasure and avoid sex or blame themselves.  


Now, it is time to break away from pain, compulsion, and suppression.

You can treat psychological wounds that have been accumulated so far.

You can pursue and achieve true happiness.


Xes training provides a self-training program with which women can address all the above issues on their own. 


You may have a distorted perception of sexuality, which makes you consider sexuality something embarrassing, detestable, and perverse. 

Women who have negative memories about sex find it difficult to accept sexuality as something natural and desirable without understanding 

the true nature of sexuality.


It is recommended that you get out of the prejudice even if you had negative experiences. Sexuality must be viewed from the perspective of 

women's mind energy and happiness. Then, you don't have to make any value judgment and accurately understand about human sexuality.


Through Xes Training, you can break away from psychological wounds associated with sexuality and inferiority complex that have been 

hiding deep inside you. You should be able to find ways to make yourself happy in a true sense by generating emotional energy and xes energy.  


Women are never to be perceived as an object of sex.

Women are never to beg for love from men.

Women, as human beings and members of the society, have the right to pursue their own happiness. 


Stop hiding and suffering and stop destroying your body and mind. 

You should to be able to actively express and share your thoughts and feelings and solve problems. You should be able to generate and 

control the powerful mind energy and xes energy through Xes Training. 


You had difficulties since you didn't know, but from now, you will accurately understand and correct.


Life that pursues only fun and pleasure is a misfortune and life that pursues comfort is the prelude to misfortune. 


Have you ever mistaken pleasure seeking for happiness ?

Or have you ever mistaken seeking comfort for happiness?


Xes Training will guide you to achieve true happiness. 



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