[Column] Human relationships and sexuality

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Date 2021-07-09

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We live in human relationships.


Both men a d women have the mind operation that makes them want to live happily in the society. We all have many human relationships 

such as family, couple, parent-children, friends, and acquaintances.


Many diverse human relationships are formed since human mind operates to pursue self-actualization. When mind energy operates in 

a negative way in relationships, the relationship becomes a negative one and contributes to generating stress and psychological wounds. 

When it operates in a positive way, the relationship becomes a positive on and contributes to generating love and happiness.


Sexuality makes the positivity and negativity more intense in relationships for both men and women. It elevates the energy of feelings 

in women and the energy of moods in men. Sexuality plays an essential role in relationships between men and women.  

Sexuality is controlled by memories and experiences in the conscious so that it is not overly activated. It is controlled more strongly 

in family, married couple, and parent-child relationships than other relationships. People do not perceive the counterparty as an opposite

gender in such relationships and the energy of moods that is associated with sexual pleasure is not activated. 


People are curious whether the energy of sexuality is activated or not between the husband and the wife.


You meet as a woman and a man in a romantic relationship and get married to become a married couple. The man and the woman 

change their roles to the husband and the wife and take the responsibility to protect and support the family. Their mind operates so 

that the husband usually protects and supports the family and the wife usually makes home and raises children. Then, they naturally 

experience the state of ennui and sexlessness. This is the operational mechanism of mimind and xesmind.


Sexuality operates when men and women perceive each other as the opposite gender.  


In a relationship that involves sexuality, women elevate the energy of feelings to feel happiness and men can maximize the energy of 

moods by indirectly sensing women's energy of feelings. When men cannot sensing women's energy of feelings, they cannot generate 

the energy of moods. When men can maximize the energy of moods without indirectly sensing women's energy of feelings, it indicates 

that the man perceives the woman only as an object of sexual pleasure.  


When women form habits in the mind that generate and activate the energy of feelings in a positive way, they can maintain feelings of 

happiness and comfort and receive attention and love from their men without much effort. Such couples can also easily achieve passionate 

love making and exchange intimate emotions. 


When women have the ability to generate and activate the energy of feelings in a positive way, they can form and maintain the best 

human relationships. Building the ability to generate and activate the energy of feelings is essential for women's success and happiness. 

Xes Training will help you build the ability in spite of yourself. 




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