Free Consultation on Sex Issues

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Date 2021-05-04

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Please, send us an e-mail providing the following information for free consultation on sex issues. You will receive a written report on the result of consultation in a few days. We will guide you to correctly address problems of human sexuality with adequate concepts and strategies based on accurate understanding of human mind and psychology.

* Send your e-mail to :

[Application form for free consultation on sex issues]

* Title of your e--mail : Application for free consultation on sex issues(Your name or pseudonym)

1. Personal Information:

   1) Name (Pseudonym) :

   2) E-mail address:

   3) Country / Area of Residence:

   4) Gender :

   5) Age :

   6) Height & Weight :

   7) Appearance & personality :

   8) Other personal information to be shared regarding sex issues:

2. Points of inquiry :

3. Points of request :

4. Questions :


1. Please, include facts about yourself in a simple way for '1. Personal information'.

2. Include what you are concerned about, what sex issues you have, how things are going

now for '2. Points of inquiry'.

3. Include any requests for '3. Points of request'.

4. Include general questions you may have for '4. Questions'.

* You may be provided with a more detailed report when you provide more detailed facts.

* Send your e-mail to :

[How free consultation on sex issues may help]

Korea Institute of Psycho-education provides free consultation on sex issues based on the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind. It informs you of the mechanism of human Xesmind and Xes psychology, root causes of sex troubles, and the interactional mechanism of Mimind and Xesmind in order to guide you to take the right path in pursuing happiness in a true sense.

Through the free consultation on sex issues provided by KIP, you will be able to start to break free from distorted concepts and ideas on human sexuality and resolve inner confiicts that have caused diverse sexual difficulties and other related problems.

[Points to be included in the report of consultation]

- The operational mechanism of xesmind and xes psychology

- The analysis of the root causes of sex problems

- Explanation of your present difficulties

- Points to be noted when solving sex problems

- Expected results when sex problems are not solved

- Expected results when sex problems are solved

- Guidance and instructions on how to solve sex problems

- Answers to your questions on sex issues

[Recepients of free consultation on sex issues]

People with issues of :

1. Sexual dysfunctions

    - Male sexual dysfunctions : premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, impotence, etc.

    - Female sexual dysfunction : frigidity, orgasmic disorder, dyspareunia, etc.

2. Sex troubles

    - Ennui, sexlessness, sexual indifference, avoidance & rejection, etc.

3. Abnormal sexual desire

    - Infidelity, womanizing, etc.

4. Sexual inferiority complex

    - Fear of sex, lack of confidence, repulsion, etc.

5. Sexual ability

    - Relief or sexual desire, techniques, sexual massage, sexual diet, etc.

6. Physical challange and sex

    - Innate or acquired physical challange, etc.

7. Damage due to sex crimes

    - Experience of prostitution, damage due to sex crimes, etc.

8. Homosexuality

    - Gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, etc.

9. Sexual identity and preference

    - Transgender. SM, CD, fetish, etc.

    - Threesome, swaping, group sex, etc.

10. Others

    - Incest, , bereavement, etc.

Korea Institute of Psyho-education has developed the Theory of Mmimind and the Theory of Xesmind, and discovered that conventional information and knowledge on sex are quite distorted. It has been trying to inform as many people as possible of the underlying mechanism of human Mimind and Xesmind, and help people find the right way to solve diverse sex problems.

Free consultation on sex issues provided by KIP will guide you to resolve conflicts regarding sex issues in an adequate and healthy way. Conventional information and knowledge on sex mostly focus on the pursuit of pleasure instead of pursuit of happiness, and generate all types of individual and social problems. You can and must accurately understand human sexuality, break away from sexual problems, and pursue happiness in a true sense.

Human sexuality is not to be viewed negatively, suppressed, or hidden. Especially, sex issues greatly affect not only individual's pursuit of happiness but also intimate relationship and marriage relationship, so it is important to accurately understand and activate sex in the right way to achieve both individual's and couple's happiness.

Korea Institute of Psycho-education educates people to build positive views on sex based on accurate understanding of the operational mechanism of human psychology and xes psychology. It does not judge or preach for right and wrong of individuals' sexual preferences or orientations, which are as complex and as diverse as human psychology issues. Free consultation on sex issues of KIP is intended to relieve people of worries and difficulties through detailed analysis of their current condition and circumstance.

When people have problems in their body, they can easily consult a doctor to recover, but when they have sexual worries and problems, they tend to neglect, hide, or try this and that on their own. Then, they may not solve the issue or even fall for inaccurate information or distorted measures, producing even more serious psychological problems and entering a vicious cycle.

You yourself must take care of your body and mind, which are more precious than anything in the world. You also must take care of your psychology and xes psychology and solve sex problems if there is any. You can achieve happiness in a true sense only with proper understanding and application of human sexuality. We hope that you will get the free consultation on sex issues of KIP and get one step closer to true happiness.

Thank you very much.

Korea Institute of Psycho-education :



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