[Column] Do not make efforts to satisfy men's needs.

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Date 2021-07-09

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Women usually try to be nice, look attractive, and satisfy men's needs when they like or are in love with men.


When a woman's energy of feelings is activated and recognized as positive feelings toward a man, she feels love toward the man. 

On the other hand, a man generates passion with which he wants to get immersed into the woman's positive feelings upon perceiving them.  

Men's energy of moods is activated only temporarily when the object is perceived through sensory organs. Women vaguely feel that 

only the energy of moods operates in men even when they do not understand about the operational mechanism of mind and psychology, 

so they try to help men continuously feel the energy of moods. 

However, men perceive women's attention intended to provide the energy of moods as negative moods. Men have the ability to generate 

the energy of moods on their own by feeling women's energy of feelings, so they never stop looking for women from whom they can 

generate the energy of moods. Men's energy of moods that is provided by women instead of his own making is perceived as negative 

moods and generates stress in men. 

Thus, when women try to be compliant, look attractive, or satisfy men in any way including having sex, they all generate stress in men 

rather than positive moods that leads to true passion.

All that the woman has to do is to generate her own powerful energy of feelings from within herself. Then, the man can generate the energy 

of moods on his own based on the woman's energy of feelings. Once the man feels the woman's energy of feelings, he will do his best to help 

the woman maintain the energy of feelings. That is, the man instead of the woman will try hard to make the woman happy. This is man's true 

passion and his efforts for the woman is perceived as attention to the woman and recognized as the man's love by the woman.

Therefore, the woman must not make efforts to satisfy her man, but only need to generate her own powerful energy of feelings. Then, the man will 

automatically do his best for the woman. This is the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology.


Xes Training trains women to generate the powerful energy of feelings and xes energy. Having the powerful energy of feelings is much 

more important than having an attractive body through exercise and diet or wearing fashionable clothes. Men cannot but get immersed 

into women who have the powerful energy of feelings since they can continuously generate their energy of moods from women's energy of feelings.


People say that the wife's support is important for the husband's success. We can easily see exactly what kind of wife's support is ideal 

when we understand how men's energy of moods and women's energy of feelings interact with each other. 


The husband may demand the wife's support when the wife does not provide sufficient support. However, when the wife actively provides 

support for the husband, the husband may perceive the wife's support as stress and complain about the wife's meddling. Thus, the husband 

wants and rejects the wife's support at the same time.


Women can come up with the idea about what kind of support to provide after accurately understanding how men's energy of moods and 

women's energy of feelings interact. When the wife tries to provide the husband with support without understanding the operational mechanism 

of mind and psychology, everything she does and does not do may cause relational conflicts. As far as the woman cannot generate the energy 

of feelings, both things she does to satisfy the husband and things she doesn't do cause individual psychological problems and relational 

conflicts since the man perceives all of them as stress.

A wise woman will focus on generating her own energy of feelings and xes energy rather than paying attention to what her man likes or 

not. Then, the man will generate the energy of moods and pure passion with which he would do anything to make his woman happy. The 

man gets immersed into the woman and perceives her as the most beautiful woman regardless of what she does. This condition can be 

maintained all throughout their life as far as the woman can maintain the powerful energy of feelings.


Xes Training guides women to generate the most powerful energy of feelings and it is a crucial component for women's happiness.

Through Xes Training, you can become one of the best women in the world.   




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