[Column] A crisis is an opportunity for happiness.

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Date 2021-07-09

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We all encounter moments of crisis in the course of life. We try to overcome the crisis and also turn the crisis into an opportunity. 


When would women feel that they are in a crisis situation?


When they expect they will become unhappy

When they think they are betrayed by people they love

When they expect their work will fail

When they suffer from children's problems


Then, they may choose to avoid or cope with the crisis.


They will try to avoid the situation since they don't understand the cause of the problems and just want to stay away from fear and difficulties and 

feel comfortable. They are narrowly self-centered in the sense that they just  want to maintain their own stability even in the crisis situation.


Some women may choose to try to accurately understand and cope with the situation even when they  have fear and difficulties. They think that the crisis 

must be overcome even though they suffer from fear and instability. The former case is more common to be seen in reality. 

There are two types of women who participate in Xes Training.  

 1. Women who have experienced misfortune due to the collapse of life since they did not cope with the crisis adequately. 

     They choose to take Xes Training out of desperation wanting to get out of the current unhappiness 


     Through Xes Training, they can generate and control xes energy and the energy of feelings. They can restore psychological stability and happiness. 

     It takes a certain amount of time to restore themselves, but they usually start with composure and do not experience great difficulties. 


2. Women who choose to take Xes Training as an effort to cope with the crisis instead of avoiding. 

   The think that avoiding the crisis situation and staying in comfort will lead them to unhappiness. They make efforts to restore their happiness before their life 

   collapses.  They want to raise the energy of feelings and the sense of self-respect. 


   Through Xes Training, they can generate and control xes energy and the energy of feelings. They cal also build confidence and passion 

   with which they can wisely overcome the crisis.   


Through Xes Training, they become proud of themselves for their efforts and build psychological stability that is hardly swayed by external factors. 

They can save time, effort, and expense they would have wasted otherwise. They can turn the crisis into an opportunity by choosing Xes Training.  


Please, reflect deeply on what you can do to keep your life on the right track. No matter what crisis or unhappiness you have experienced in your past life, 

you can choose the right path today to restore everything back and prevent future predicament. 

A crisis is an opportunity for happiness.




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